Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

By August 24, 2020 Health Care

PRM – What is it?

PRM is summation of all efforts taken by Hospitals and Doctors to give patients the best attention and care consistently and flawlessly. Thus, it will include all activities the patient will experience pre consultation, during consultation and post consultation. The hospitals and doctors are cognitive of the fact that if patient experiences good service, he or she will be loyal and will endorse the hospital and doctor, if approached for feedback.

Tenets of PRM:

  1. The onus of PRM rests with the Hospital/Doctor:

Indeed, the onus rests with the hospital owner/management. To have a non-partial and correct assessment of the patient experience, WILL of the hospital owner/management is of primary importance.

  1. The mechanism to measure effectiveness of PRM is in place and is flawless:

A system to decide the data points that will give a good measure of patient relationship management, data collection for those data points, evaluation and interpretation will have to be set in place.

  1. PRM is not an intermittent but is an ongoing activity:

PRM is not a one time or intermittent activity, it is an ongoing activity. For it to be ongoing activity, it should be not intrusive to the daily duty of doctors/medical staff and at the same time be part of their daily routine.

  1. In India where beds to patient’s ratio is so skewed, PRM is not the need of the hour:

This mind set has changed, online feedback from patients will decide the of future flow of patients to the hospital/doctor.

PRM Touchpoints:

  1. Pre-Consultation:
    1. Online Presence
    2. Appointment Booking
    3. Appointment Reminders
    4. Intimation of change or rescheduling of doctor’s appointment
  2. During Consultation:
    1. Patient Waiting Area
    2. Front desk Staff
    3. Waiting Time
    4. Prescription
    5. Payment system
  3. Post Consultation:
    1. Acknowledgement of consultation
    2. Digital Prescription
    3. Sharing of reports and remote consultation
    4. Information of added facilities and doctors on an ongoing basis
    5. Birthday wishes and other salutations

PRM Delivery

There are software solutions that help hospitals and doctor manage PRM. These help doctors and medical staff to deliver their daily duties and engage patients simultaneously. They make the process of pre, during and post consultation activities, as stated above, lucid for doctors, medical staff and patients.

HealthHero – Smart OPD Solution brings doctors, hospitals, medical staff, pharmacy, diagnostics centres and patients on a single interconnected platform and helps in easy delivery of patient care and measure effectiveness of PRM for hospitals and doctors. With HealthHero you improve your efficiency in appointment booking, manage patient queue, reduce patient waiting time, generate digital prescription accurately and quickly, consult online, share digital prescription, send follow-up reminders, wish patients on important days, share hospital information and take patient surveys to boost patient satisfaction and your online image to power your practice and earn continuous patronage from the patients and their referrals. HealthHero is a solution design, developed, marketed and owned by Indians (#atmanirbhar bharat) for hospitals and doctors (our HealthHeros) in India.

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