How Covid-19 has acted as a Catalyst for Digitization of Clinical Practice?

By July 6, 2020 Health Care

COVID-19 has given us many lessons and one key lesson is on adoption of technology. Work from home as a way of life was limited to IT world and a few other industries. We have seen during COVID 19 lock-down that employees across all industries have started working from home using various technologies. What is heartening to see is how quickly and easily we have adopted to this change.

When we were pre-testing our application – HealthHero Smart OPD Solution, I had met this doctor who is associated with a very large hospital in Pune (pre Covid-19). Once I completed the demonstration of the solution, he complimented me for conceiving the solution and liked the following:

1. He observed that our solution was comprehensive, easy to understand and use.
2. He liked that no additional infrastructure was required to implement our solution
3. He felt that by using our application doctors will be able to generate detailed digital prescriptions in very short time
4. He found OPD consultation on mobile very useful

I will never forget what he said next – “we doctors’ are very learned but are laggards in accepting new technology”. He identified this as the biggest challenge in turning our solution successful. During our initial days of selling, I realized that what he was saying was indeed true. Many doctors were hesitant to give up writing prescriptions and going digital, despite liking our solution. There were many doctors who subscribed to our solution and started using it. As we were expanding our footprint, lock-down was announced. Today, we are happy to see that Doctors who had subscribed to our solution are making full use of it and giving us great reviews.

The most important feature which Health Hero offers during these challenging times is the Remote Consultation Feature. Patients can book appointments and doctors can connect to the patients at the said time via WhatsApp or regular calling. This feature has won us rave reviews as the highlight of this feature is that the consultation can be initiated through our app but actually takes place on a neutral platform (WhatsApp). Hence there is no threat of data leakage and doctors find this reassuring.

We at HealthHero, feel that Covid-19 will be a watershed moment and we will see more and more doctors adopting to technology and subscribing our solution.

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