7 Reasons to Switch to Digital Prescriptions for your Clinical Practice

By July 7, 2020 Health Care

7 Reasons to Switch to Digital Prescriptions for your Clinical Practice

  1. Reduce Prescription Generation Time

Digital prescriptions increase productivity by cutting time to generate prescriptions. This leaves the doctor with more time to engage with patients. Moreover, it reduces repetitive effort in generating similar prescriptions over different patients.

For example, the HealthHero Smart OPD solution, with its pre-set feature allows doctor to templatise the prescriptions for different symptoms and their respective lines of treatment. These pre-sets auto fill details like patient complains, diagnosis, investigations, and medication during patient consultation. To then enter patient specific details, doctor can dictate into the phone in English or popular Indian languages to complete the prescription. The soft copy of the prescription is shared with patient on his/her mobile phone.

2. Eliminate Prescription Errors

Though the bad handwriting of doctors is an exaggerated stereotypical concern – digital prescriptions ensure a very clear, standardized and error free prescriptions. Since prescriptions are sent directly to the patient’s phone, there is no chance of anyone tampering with the physical prescription.

Going a step further, HealthHero Smart OPD solution recognizes that pre-sets which the doctor has set needs edit over time, example add new brand of medicine etc. Thus, it allows the doctor to make changes to the pre-sets to meet his requirements. This helps him in generating error-free and customized prescriptions.

3. Remote Consultation

In these times of a worldwide pandemic, remote consultation features in healthcare apps comes as a blessing to both doctors and patients. Digital payment platforms add to the convenience and fuel this trend – which by the looks of it is here to stay.

However, there is a flip side to it and not all doctors are comfortable using a private platform to consult. Leakage of patient information and other important data is a major concern for doctors – and not without reason.

HealthHero has identified this pain point of doctors and hence, the remote consultation feature on HealthHero uses a neutral platform like WhatsApp to enable doctors to connect remotely with patients.

4. Access to Patient Information Anytime, Anywhere

We all know doctors have busy lives. Most doctors practice at multiple locations and may have emergency calls from any location at any time. The perils of distance and travel times are eliminated to a great extent by digital healthcare apps. With these apps, doctors can access patient information and medical history anytime, anywhere and this enables them to make timely, informed decisions.

5. Organised Records and Reports Pertaining to Clinical Practice

Though a far more noble profession than others, a doctors practice needs organisation, overview and analysis from time to time – just like any other profession.

Healthcare applications and digital solutions do this job for doctors. For example, HealthHero Smart OPD solution provides a comprehensive overview of the OPD practice to the doctor – including day wise, location wise, patient wise reports. Along with this it ensures complete data protection measures so that this data can be accessed by doctors only and not by front office and other staff.

6. Cuts Patient Waiting Time at Your Clinic

By automating the appointment fixing procedure, doctors can cut waiting time at their clinic and ensure more organised and disciplined OPD practice. This will ensure a more accurate registering of the patients and zero chaos at the clinic waiting queue.

7. Saves on Staff Costs

Most busy doctors spend a good amount of money on hiring assistants who document the medical history, symptoms, findings, etc of the patient prior to doctor-patient consultation. A digital prescription like HealthHero, can help the doctor to save on this cost. With HealthHero, and its pre-sets feature, the base prescription of each patient is ready within seconds and the medical history of any repeat patient is available on the doctor’s phone as soon as he clicks on the patient name. Thus, a doctor can utilize the staff’s effort to more productive work or save on their costs.

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